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Pepper Hill Naturals

Pet Shampoo Bar LEMONGRASS

Pet Shampoo Bar LEMONGRASS

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Our Pet Shampoo Bar LEMONGRASS is the perfect way to keep your pet's coat clean and smelling fresh. Formulated with lemongrass, essential oil, it helps remove dirt and odors, repels ticks and fleas and provides a long lasting, fresh scent. Its mild and gentle formula is sulfate, SLS and Paraben free,  with no artificial color, making it suitable for all breeds and coat types.

Just add water....

Directions:  Saturate pet hair with water.  Once very wet, apply shampoo bar by holding bar in palm of hand and gently rubbing into pet hair in circular motions until foamy, keeping away from eyes, mouth and nose. Massage into hair, down to skin using fingers while still holding bar in palm. Once fully soapy, rinse  well, until water runs clear. 

No artificial color 

Safe for pets and humans

Sulfate,SLS and Phthalate Free


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